English Instruction invites researchers and welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts for topics of education area, including teacher education, approaches, strategies, methods, and education technology in teaching, design and development of curriculum, and integrated foreign language learning and teaching (Arabic & English) that present qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, reviews or analyses, and theoretical positions issued in December 2020, Vol. 4 No.1

Article Submission


The following articles have been accepted by the journal, are in the reviewing process, and will be published in English Instrcution Volume 4 Number 1 and 2 (2021):

1. Analysis on the Influence of Students’ Anxiety During Speaking English on Their Proficiency Level, Aninda Khairani, Rahma Ramadhani, Salsabila, and Sellina Rosa (2021).

2. Analyzing Learners’ Difficulties in Listening Comprehension, by Yenti Elfina, Ani Safitri, Rizky Annisa, and Siti Atika Fadilah (2021).

3. A Study on Reading Interest via Online Book towards Students’ Group Discussion on Presentation, by Cahya Pertiwi Rahni, Helmi Noviza, Khairul Nofri, and Shelvia Indah Cahyani

4. Analysis of Using Picture to Improve Student’s Writing Skill of Descriptive Text, by Rahayu, Syafitri, Arini, and Chasan (2021).

5. The Use of English Film Media to Improve Speaking Skill, by Adzrotul Afifah, Aflahul Fajri, Elgi Buriyanti, Hanaya Deanita, and Nia Fitriani (2021).

6. The Use of Google Meet for College Students, by Adibah Shofwah, Agis Setia Abdana, Denaya Pratami Yanas, Gustiara Adisty, and Zakaria Marthatuani Siregar (2021).

7. Technology-based Learning, by Daffa Araga Elfajri Putra, Fathia Zuhratunnisa, Khairani Asama Shaleh, Laura Lady Diana, and Valoza Arora Sari (2021).

Call for Papers: Issue December and June 2021


We are seeking submissions for the coming issue published in July and December 2021. The paper should be written in professional English and focuses on the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning and the impact of education on society, covering integrated English Language Teaching (ELT) i.e., English and content areas, English and technology (media), English and Islamic Education, teacher education, pedagogy, and curriculum design and development.

Recruitment for Reviewers


We welcome reviewers to join us. Reviewers' works are crucial to the quality and reputation of our journal. The works are done part time and as a voluntary job, which is no payment. To appreciate the reviewers' works, their names will be listed on the journal's website.

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