English Instruction (EI) is one of the e-journals published by Nalar Global Foundation, Indonesia and managed by the education development board. It aims to promote research and scholarship on Instructions in education at various educational levels. The education system is not only implemented in the classroom but also outside the classroom. It is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal focusing on policies, theories, implementation, and evaluation. Journal of English Instruction only publishes original papers (no plagiarism) of literature and field research that is written in English related to education area including integrated English Language Teaching (ELT) i.e., English and content, English and technology, English and Islamic Education etc., teacher education, teaching pedagogy, and design and development of curriculum.

English Instruction invites researchers and welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts for such topics that present qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, reviews or analyses, and theoretical positions.

Published: 2021-06-29